Real Estate Opportunities in İstanbul

Real estate in Istanbul has become very popular. The real estate market here is very dynamic, as the city is a developed center of international trade and business, located at the crossroads from Europe and Asia. This center of the intertwining of several cultures is conditionally divided into the European part and the Asian part. Each year, there are more and more resettled residents, newly arrived from different parts of the globe.


This city is famous for its high cost, which is why the new apartments in Istanbul are impressive at their own cost. The cost of apartments can be in the range of 75 thousand to several million euros! In Europan side, real estate in Istanbul rare offers for sale, although they do appear from time to time. But do not despair, you can buy an apartment in Istanbul if you have a permanent source of income. At the same time, it is possible to issue an affordable mortgage loan for a period of ten to twenty years at a relatively low-interest rate (mortgage rate is 5.5-8% per annum).